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An Update from the Studio

As time flies by while I try and split mine it about nine different ways, I feel like I’ve been super neglectful of my online presence here at the blogity blog homefront. I’ve said it before, but I do actually mean it this time, I’m going to update way more. I keep wanting to do these grand updates, full of prose and pictures and ideas and whatnot. After hearing that this is why I don’t update more often, Trista told me I was being dumb and that short updates are kinda where its at; as to keep people informed. Then when I have time, or something grand to say, then make a big post. Well, I fought that idea for a long time and I was wrong. She was right. I’m sure that’s not the first time and it’s sure to not be the last.

So yeah short updates. Ive been working my butt off, literally AND figuratively, to get everything ready for Steamcon. I’m super excited and really looking forward to seeing what my cohorts in Artists Alley are going to have. I scoped out their sites but I’m sure it will be much different seeing their stuff in person. I really need to get a costume together and may need to call in some outside help. So yeah. Things are awesome and I’m really looking forward to Steamcon and then Journalfest right after it.


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