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Journal Pages Galore

One of my favorite things is creating a full and cohesive piece in my journals. While I do also make thumbnail sketches and work out ideas in my journal as well. All of the following pieces are from my personal journal, the Metronome Lever Journal.

Deep Diver

Deep Diver

So this is the first of some of my journal pages that I want to share with you. This is one I’m particularly proud of. I knocked this one out at a journaling night at the Artfest Annex. The way the light from his helmet bleeds out into the surrounding water is my favorite part. All of the pages that I’m sharing with you are colored with Peerless Watercolor Papers and a water pen. I think the pen that I was using at the time was a Pitt brand, size Medium.

The Protective Tenticles

The Protective

TentaclesThe Protective Tentacles was a piece that I did in response to Deep Diver. Again, I’m fairly pleased with this one. The colors and the composition turned out really cool. Again I did this one at the Annex on another journaling night.

Pax Romanis

Pax Romanis

This one is a bit of a story. I did this one while up at Soul Food Books in Redmond while listening to a public talk that Trista and I attended. While the talk was interesting it didn’t hold my complete interest. I just sort of started drawing this skull and banner. The speaker started talking about Ancient Rome and I decided to draw the map in as the background. The whole “Pax Romanis” thing was me trying to be clever and totally fouling up my Latin. What I wanted was “Pax Romana” but it had been about 11 years since I took Latin in high school and couldn’t come up with the right words. Personally I like it better misspelled. Gives it caracter.

More journal pages will be coming soon.


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Some Photos from the Workshop

The Tri-Gear Journal

The Tri-Gear Journal

The Tri-Gear Journal Cover

The Tri-Gear journal was a fun one to do. It had a great weight and feel to it. It had 12 signatures and measured 6 inches square. The only thing that made it a little wonky was that the clock winding key that I attached on the back, so that it didn’t lay completely flat. It looks really cool, but does not, as I said, lay flat.

The Back cover of the Tri-Gear Journal

The Back Cover of the Tri-Gear Journal

I’m particularly proud of the way the stitching turned out on the back. That’s where my love affair with working out intricate stitching began. A well patterned stitch is a nice subtle touch that can really make the back cover of a journal pop.

The GS 01 TOP SECRET Journal

The GS 01 TOP SECRET Journal

The GS 01 TOP SECRET Journal Cover

One of the first in my “Punch Card Key” series, The GS 01 was more of an experiment. GS 01 taught me a lot about making small landscape journals. It also taught me about making metal journals without using lots of found objects and refining my designs. The punch card journals were also the beginning of a piece of fiction, about a super science organization that spans the centuries, that I am currently working on.

The GS 01 TOP SECRET Journal

The GS 01 TOP SECRET Journal Back Cover

I placed the fictional corresponding lock that the punch card key would open in London in 1943 I thought that it would be a good setting for a story and where my fictional super science organization “Gearskull Lab” would be located at that time.

That’s my quick-ish update (Two in one day? I know. Crazy, right?) on some of the journals I’ve made in the past year or so. Next post will have some more of my recent work; and soon there should be a bit of news about whats coming up at the Artfest Annex on First Thursday.

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The Long Winding Road

Wow… Its been 6 months since I made a post. That’s, well lets be blunt, embarrassing.

Well Gearskull Studios is back and better than ever. Still on a teaching high from Artfest (Ill get in to that later) I’ve started several exciting things that should come to fruition soon. So, like a newly repainted billboard, watch this space. Exciting things should be happening soon.

Artfest. What can I say about Artfest other than it was simply amazing. I was well received by my students and every one of the finished their projects. Not an easy feat if you are new to working with metal and leather and then turning them in to a book. I’m proud of all of them and will have some pictures their work up soon. That being said, I have a message for my students: I forgot to take pictures of all your journals. I caught some of them at the show and tell but I would like to have a record of my students work. If you could please send me an email with a picture of the journal that you made in my class that would be amazing. I think my email is listed somewhere on here but in case it isn’t its gearskull at gmail dot com. Thanks again.

In other news, Teesha and Tracy have put me in charge of First Thursday at the Artfest Annex. Its gonna be an amazing time. I’m still working everything out for Thursday next week. If your in the Seattle area, you should come by the Artfest Annex at 89 Yesler Way in Pioneer Square. Like I said, Its gonna be a fun time.

It’s been a long winding road the past 6 months, with much, much more to come.

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