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The Long Winding Road

Wow… Its been 6 months since I made a post. That’s, well lets be blunt, embarrassing.

Well Gearskull Studios is back and better than ever. Still on a teaching high from Artfest (Ill get in to that later) I’ve started several exciting things that should come to fruition soon. So, like a newly repainted billboard, watch this space. Exciting things should be happening soon.

Artfest. What can I say about Artfest other than it was simply amazing. I was well received by my students and every one of the finished their projects. Not an easy feat if you are new to working with metal and leather and then turning them in to a book. I’m proud of all of them and will have some pictures their work up soon. That being said, I have a message for my students: I forgot to take pictures of all your journals. I caught some of them at the show and tell but I would like to have a record of my students work. If you could please send me an email with a picture of the journal that you made in my class that would be amazing. I think my email is listed somewhere on here but in case it isn’t its gearskull at gmail dot com. Thanks again.

In other news, Teesha and Tracy have put me in charge of First Thursday at the Artfest Annex. Its gonna be an amazing time. I’m still working everything out for Thursday next week. If your in the Seattle area, you should come by the Artfest Annex at 89 Yesler Way in Pioneer Square. Like I said, Its gonna be a fun time.

It’s been a long winding road the past 6 months, with much, much more to come.


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Housekeeping and Whatnot

Well, it seems like I haven’t posted in quite a while. To catch you all up, heres what I’ve been up to. Trista’s gone back to school to study speech and hearing sciences and eventually become (probably) a speech language pathologist. To further that aim we have moved into the U-District of Seattle while she attends the University of Washington. This is mostly why I’ve been so quiet as of late. Packing, moving, unpacking and so on. This is not to say that I’ve gone dormant in my efforts to make as many journals and as much art as possible. Ive been working, just slowly. Very. Slowly.

Theres a lot on my and Gearskull Studios horizons. Coming up at the end of this summer I’m going to be an Enforcer (volunteer) at PAX. This October is gonna be a busy one, I have a vendor table at both Journalfest and Steamcon. Then April 2012 is the big one! Like I posted before I’m going to be teaching at Artfest. Im teaching Metal Adventure Journals and The Wearable Journal. I’ll also have a vendor table there as well.

Good times and lots of work on the horizons for me and Gearskull Studios.

More to come soon…

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I’m Teaching at Artfest!

So I got the word the other day from Teesha that I’ve been selected as one of the teachers for Artfest 2012! Exciting, I know right. I’m really honored to be given this opportunity to share what I know. I’m going to be teaching two classes. One on Thursday and one on Saturday.
Thursday’s class is “Metal Adventure Journals”. The class will focus on the essential skills needed to make metal and leather journals. We will make 3″x5″ journals using the afore mentioned metal and leather, as well as found objects as design elements.
Saturday’s class is “The Wearable Journal” in which we will use the skills at making journals to make small wearable journals; either as a necklace or as a bracelet. I’ll have some sample pictures up soon.
Like I said I’m super excited to teach these classes. I’ll have more info as soon as its available.

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