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Always a Student

So this spring quarter I’ve been taking a continuing education class at North Seattle Community College in beginning jewelry making. I have had some experience with jewelry making in the past. Assemblage work mostly. I also got to take a chain making class from Keith LoBue.  That was pretty awesome and definitely set me on the jewelry making path. we are about 4 classes in and I am loving it. I’ve gained a bunch of new skills already and will hopefully grow as a jeweler in this class.

Last class I completed a pendant for my fiancee Trista. Its a silver pendant with a hematite cabochon set in a bezel setting in the center of the pendant. I have yet to make a chain for it, and it still needs a little work and polishing, but I’m extremely pleased with it. The chain will be silver as well, i just haven’t designed it yet.

I gotta say that I really love working with metals and that I really feel like this is my calling. I’m so excited to start making more jewelry. I’ve got tons of ideas and cant wait to get started.

Even with the knowledge I’ve gained I still plan on taking lots and lots and lots of classes. In order to keep learning and growing. I’ll always be a student.


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PAX and the awesomeness that was meeting Wil Wheaton

So, I just met Wil Wheaton and he loved my journal so much that he threw out a tweet of me holding it. Then he saw some of my drawings and liked one of them so much he sent out a tweet of that. This has been the awesomest day ever.

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