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Some Photos from the Workshop

The Tri-Gear Journal

The Tri-Gear Journal

The Tri-Gear Journal Cover

The Tri-Gear journal was a fun one to do. It had a great weight and feel to it. It had 12 signatures and measured 6 inches square. The only thing that made it a little wonky was that the clock winding key that I attached on the back, so that it didn’t lay completely flat. It looks really cool, but does not, as I said, lay flat.

The Back cover of the Tri-Gear Journal

The Back Cover of the Tri-Gear Journal

I’m particularly proud of the way the stitching turned out on the back. That’s where my love affair with working out intricate stitching began. A well patterned stitch is a nice subtle touch that can really make the back cover of a journal pop.

The GS 01 TOP SECRET Journal

The GS 01 TOP SECRET Journal

The GS 01 TOP SECRET Journal Cover

One of the first in my “Punch Card Key” series, The GS 01 was more of an experiment. GS 01 taught me a lot about making small landscape journals. It also taught me about making metal journals without using lots of found objects and refining my designs. The punch card journals were also the beginning of a piece of fiction, about a super science organization that spans the centuries, that I am currently working on.

The GS 01 TOP SECRET Journal

The GS 01 TOP SECRET Journal Back Cover

I placed the fictional corresponding lock that the punch card key would open in London in 1943 I thought that it would be a good setting for a story and where my fictional super science organization “Gearskull Lab” would be located at that time.

That’s my quick-ish update (Two in one day? I know. Crazy, right?) on some of the journals I’ve made in the past year or so. Next post will have some more of my recent work; and soon there should be a bit of news about whats coming up at the Artfest Annex on First Thursday.


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